The story of VAI-KO Beanies

Every beanie has a story to tell

our mission

Fully Traceable Products

The story of VAI-KØ products start from Merino sheep farms in Patagonia, Argentina. Our mulesign-free merino wool comes from handful of licensed farms in the area that practise organic farming under the G.O.T.S certification. 

Eco-Friendly Manucaturing

Next the organic merino wool goes to Austria where the wool is made into beautifully coloured yarns under the strict bluesign and G.O.T.S systems for sustainable and user safe products. 

Locally Produced

Finally the organic merino wool reaches Finland, where this high quality fiber is produced into beanies, scarves and gloves with long experience and craftsmanship.

Use Everywhere

Now the products are ready to do what they were designed for. Serve you on your daily adventures from urban to wilderness keeping you warm and cosy without compromising the good looks. 

Recycle Anywhere

Once your VAI-KØ product comes to the end of its life cycle there's few things you can do. If you're a crafty person you could make something new out of it by felting it. You can take it to your local recycling center who collect wool for recycled wool. Lastly you can put in your home compost bin after removing labels that don't necessarily biodegrade.